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Frequently Asked

Are these courses self-directed?

Weekly lessons are self-directed, including any additional time you may wish to spend on them. The live seminars are not self-directed, and are a necessary part of the course.

Can we keep the content we receive?

Yes! All content that does not have its own copyright can be downloaded and kept .

I hear you're using Zoom. Isn't their security flawed?

The owners of Zoom learned very quickly that they had security flaws shortly after the COVID-19 lock downs. As of April 2020, Zoom has taken steps to increase their security. Though the Internet can never considered 100% guaranteed safe, we believe Zoom has made important changes to their platform to improve security and protect users. You can read their Security Guide here: https://zoom.us/docs/doc/Zoom-Security-White-Paper.pdf

Am I going to master the content of this course?

Not necessarily. The aim of the course is teach critical thinking through the Socratic method. Everyone learns at different speeds and abilities. We will not be testing knowledge of the course content as an assessment of success. Success in these courses means demonstrating you’ve learned at least one of the Course Objective and Outcomes. However, success cannot guaranteed by your coach or Mere Liberty Courses.

Is this a Christian (Religious) course?

This course does not teach ay theological or doctrinal standards. On occassion, students will bring up God and morality as explainers during the discussion. I won’t discourage this level of inquiry, and do encourage parents to offer further explanations outside of our seminar.

What am I paying for?

You’re paying for 15 live webinar sessions with Socratic coach guiding the discussion.

Do you record the live webinars?

We will NOT be recording live webinars. We want to encourage students to join each week’s session, but we also want to ensure the safety of our students.

My student is under 18 years old, how is their information protected?

It’s vitally important that you read our site Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is understand that your purchase indicates your agreement to them. We do not maintain student records beyond progress made in the course they are registered for. User accounts are created by the parents at registration.  Access to the student portal cannot be obtained until a purchase is made. The only other personal information we’ll have of your minor student are their names. After the completion of the Seminar, you may request their user account is deleted as they will no longer have access to it. To request this, you may use the contact information provided in the Onboarding Guide.


My student is too young for the age group I want to register them for, but I know they are capable of the work expected. Can I still register them?

We will consider younger students on a case-by-case basis. This will involve a video chat with you and your prospective student so we can verify that they are capable of handling the lessons provided.