Liberty Seminar

This seminar is designed to introduce students to the foundational ideas of free and prosperous societies. We use the Socratic method of dialogue to facilitate critical thinking and examination of these ideas, and encourage testing them against opposing view points.

How the seminars work

  • Seminars are available by age group for 15 weeks per course.
  • Weekly reading, audio, or video assignments should take no more than 30 min/week at student’s discretion.
  • 45-minute weekly live video seminar sessions to discuss by Socratic method.
  • Choose from a morning or afternoon session to fit your schedule.
  • Each course limited to 15 students. Seats fill quickly!

Middle School Seminar

Ages 11-14
Weekly time committment:

30 minutes self-directed;
45 minute seminar call
TOTAL: 1 Hour 15 minutes

Module One: Self-Reflection

1. Introduction to Ideas
2. Discussing Ideas You Disagree With
3. How Your Personality Affects Your Thinking
4. What does it mean to be educated?

Module Two: Becoming Challenged

5. Who Owns You?
6. How Should We Treat One Another?
7. Why Do People Make the Choices They Do?

Module Three: Practicing Thinking

8. How are We All Connected?
9. What Happens When Competition Stops?
10. What is the Law for?
11. What Happens When the Law is Not Used Correctly?
12. How Can You Participate in the World?
13. What Happens When Hard-working People Quit?
14. What Kind of Creature Can Steal From You?
15. What are Unintended Consequences?

Adult Seminar

Ages 18+
Weekly time committment:

30 minutes self-directed;
45 minute seminar call
TOTAL: 1 Hour 15 minutes

Module One: Self-Reflection

1. How do you know you’re educated?
2. How do you recognize faulty reasoning?
3. Manipulation I: What is it?
4. Manipulation II: How can you respond?

Module Two: Becoming Challenged

5. How is America Today Similar to Pre-Revolution America?
6. What is Property & What Do We Do With It?
7. What Civil Governance?

Module Three: Practicing Thinking

8. How Do We Apply Liberty?
9. What Can We Learn from Hong Kong?
10. What is Personal Liberty & Why is it Important?
11. What is Welfare & How Do Corporations Benefit?
12. Is Inflation Theft?
13. What is Spontaneous Order?
14. Mises vs Marx
15. What is an Effective Strategy for Liberty?

High School Seminar

Ages 15-18
Weekly time committment:

30 minutes self-directed;
45 minute seminar call
TOTAL: 1 Hour 15 minutes

Module One: Self-Reflection

1. How Does Fear Drive Us to Poor Decisions?
2. Am I Thinking Like an Economist?
3. What Facts Can I Deduce about the World?
4. What do my Actions Say about Me?

Module Two: Becoming Challenged

5. Why Was the Economic Lockdown a Bad Idea?
6. What Would I do if I were Trapped on Island?
7. How are We All Connected?

Module Three: Practicing Thinking

8. What is Property and Why Does it Matter?
9. Why is Venezuela in Trouble?
10. How do we Benefit Others with our Property?
11. What is Money? Is it the Same as Wealth?
12. Why are Toothbrushes so Inexpensive?
13. What Happens When the Government Steals From You?
14. What is Socialism?
15. Mises vs Marx

Sample Lesson

Discover what a weekly lesson looks like.

Learning to Critically Think Using the Socratic Method

by Kerry Baldwin | Dare to Think


Why Learn With Us?

Free Onboarding Guide

No previous experience is necessary, so this is perfect for beginners but will also provide an opportunity for intermediate students to hone their skills.

Tons of FREE Resources

You’ll likely find an area of discussion that interests you. We provide free resources so you can dive deeper on these topics.

Stand on the Shoulders Giants

We’re discussing the writings and ideas of some of the greatest economic and liberty-loving minds in history!*

Discuss w/o polarization

We’ve all been there – the polarizing arguments on social media get us no where. Not only will our seminars lack this element, but you’ll learn how to avoid it when interacting with others outside the seminar.

Learn a new skill; apply it elsewhere

The Socratic method is a tried and true method of learning. Use these skills in other areas of interest. Challenge your friends (and teachers) at school.

Challenge Your Paradigms

Use these resources as a way to challenge and rethink your paradigms for understanding society, and encourage individual freedom and personal responsibility within your spheres of influence.


Your Seminar Guide

Kerry Baldwin

I am an independent researcher and writer with a B.A. in Philosophy from Arizona State University. In addition to the articles and podcasts I have here on my website,, I’m also a regular contributor for the Libertarian Christian Institute. My writing focuses on libertarian philosophy and reformed theology and aimed at the educated layperson; challenging readers to rethink prevailing paradigms in politics, theology, and culture. I am a confessionally Reformed Christian orthodox Presbyterian in the tradition of J. Gresham Machen (1881 – 1937), an outspoken libertarian and defender of Christian orthodoxy.