Socratic Seminar

15 seminars of 45min

Socratic seminars are small groups, 5-15 people, employing the time-tested method of critical thinking used by Socrates to challenge the paradigms of the people. Seminars promote productive dialogue, civil discourse, critical thought. This is a skill that is learned, and must be practiced or it is lost.

Level - Beginner to Intermediate

These courses are designed to help you learn, practice, and refine your critical thinking skills. You don’t need any previous experience with the Socratic method, just a willingness to learn.

Spring Sessions Begin January 4, 2021

Registration closes on December 28 , 2020 @11:59PM MDT


Course Offerings

Spring Seminars

Liberty Seminars

15 week courses

  • middle school (ages 11-14)
  • high school (ages 15-18)
  • adult (18+)

Upcoming Seminars:

Starting August 30, 2020

  • MS: “Life, Liberty, and Property”
  • HS: “Praxeology and Societal Order”
  • Adult: “For a New Liberty”


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Independent Thinking

  • incorporate new information and insight into your ideas and catch your own mistakes.

Develop self-awareness

  • distinguishing between our reality, and our and other’s impressions of reality.

Exercise fairmindedness

  • consider strengths of opposing views as well as weaknesses

Developing perseverance

  • cultivate intellectual ‘grit’ – overcoming barriers to understanding

Compare analogous & disanalagous situations

  • transfer insights to new contexts & distinguish un-shared contexts.

Develop your own worldview

  • understanding that our views incorporate both insight and error.

Clarify issues, conclusions, and beliefs

  • thinking through and articulating our ideas more clearly

Develop intellectual humility

  • recognizing our own limits of knowledge & when to say “I don’t know.”

Develop intellectual courage

  • challenging paradigms and being willing to stand on unpopular positions when necessary.

Develop intellectual integrity

  • holding ourselves to the same standards we hold others.

Refine generalizations and avoid oversimplification

  • Simplifying complex ideas without misrepresentation or distortions

Understand how thoughts and feelings relate

  • self-awareness for our emotional reactions & what they indicate

Analyze the meanings of terms and phrases

  • demonstrate understanding of terms through correct application

Develop confidence in reason

  • Reject coercion and manipulation as means of persuasion

Join me, Kerry Baldwin

as we Dare to Think

The mission of Mere Liberty has always been to challenge and rethink our paradigms for understanding society … in order to encourage individual freedom and responsibility within our own spheres of influence.

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